Picture Gallery

Pictures taken December 17, 2000

Action behind Tony's Net

A dejected John Meireles hangs his head after a goal by the Eviotes

Face off in the Eviotes Zone.

"...Tasso shmasso, my son Louie here will tear up the league. Just you wait and see!"

Louie makes an an amazing glove save!!!

Huber+Suhner vs. LIXAR!

Huber+Suhner demonstrates how not to setup the box on the penalty kill!

"...Billy you gotta cut Greg and Spero's ice time. They can't get more points than me, I have to win our bet."

"George if I were you I'd worry more about Aik."

Our loyal fans.



Two captains having a toast after the game.

"...guys this is my secret weapon."

How come Lance always gets the chicks!

The three Johns.

"Hey guys, check out the toque my Yiayia got me!"