Hockey - Stats have been updated (2016/10/16)


The stats and standings have been updated to include Week 5 results.

Hockey - GHL 2016-17 Season Schedule

The 2016-17 GHL Schedule is now up. Click here here to view.

Hockey - GHL 2016-17 Season

Hello fellow current and former GHL'ers,

Hope that everyone is enjoying their summer and that all is well.

Another GHL season is fast approaching. We plan on going with 8 teams again this year with games being held as always from 6:30 to 10:30 on Sunday night. John Sainis will be helping out getting us started and then will step down after 6 years of Commish duties so we are going with a, 2 Commish role this year,Jim Sourges and myself.The draft will take place in early September.
First order of business, please email me with your intentions this year "YES, I WILL BE RETURNING", or "NO, I AM OUT". I need to collect the data and see if we need to recruit new players. Please reply back to me. Let me know your position preference.There may be some further Captain changes this year. If you are interested in being a captain, either returning or as a new Captain please advise if you have not done so already. I had emailed the Captains and have yet to hear back from a few. If you know anyone else that is interested in playing this year, please email me. As always, the Greek Rule will apply and if we are full, then that player will be put on the waiting list. If you were a captain last year, and would like to return, or would like to be considered for one, please let me know as well.

The season will start on Sunday September 11th.

Registration info:

/br>Fees have not increased this year and any extra funds will be used to commemorate the leagues 40th anniversary. We are trying to plan an outdoor game at Dow's lake. Please notify me if other arrangements need to be made with respect to payment.We have allowed half of the payment post-dated to Jan. 1 in the past but this will only be done on a case by case basis. The registration fees are as follows:

-Players $450
-Goalies $350

Methods of payment are by cheque (made payable to OHAA and post-dated for October 1st), or by Interac Email Money Transfer (highly recommended). For various reasons, we will not be accepting cash this year.

Here is the info for the email transfer:
Email address: Password: ohaahockey

Unless alternate arrangements were made, all fees need to be in before game 2 this year (Sept 18th). By game 3 if you have not paid, you do not play! If you want to pay by cheque, please bring your cheques to the first game and give them to your Captains. The captains will be responsible for collecting them this year.

I look forward to hearing from all of you shortly, let me know if you have any questions regarding registration.

George Valsamis
GHL Commissioner
Home 613-821-4620 cell 613-794-4932

OHAA now on Facebook!

Hello Everybody, 

You can now find us on Facebook.  There are some pictures posted from past hockey and soccer seasons with more to come.  Some of you even look good! You don't need a Facebook account to view the photos but you do need one if you want to post or even upload photos.

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